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Facebook users are watching over 100 million hours of videos per day in 2018.

The introduction of mid-roll video ads in 2017 represented the first time when video publishers could make real money from the clips they have been running on Facebook. Before, video ads were limited to sponsored posts, which brands purchased directly from Facebook.

If you have a large Facebook following, the opportunity for you to make serious revenue from Mid Roll ads is amazing, and shouldn't be ignored. That's where we come in...

Chip Digital is a partner of Zoomin TV and Viral Jump.
We have access to Zoomin's Mid-Roll ads, and we're giving Facebook pages the chance to monetise from their video views using their Facebook followers.
We offer a 40% rev share, and we deal with all content posted. All you have to do is share the videos on as many pages as possible, using our simple online portal.
Payment is net 40 days, and rates are currently around $350 USD per million views.


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