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By partnering with Chip Digital, you can expect the following:
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Increased Google Rankings

Our team of expert SEOs will create the perfect strategy to boost your Google rankings. You can expect improvements within the first month, but we recommend a minimum of 3 months of link building with us.

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Target Anyone on Facebook

Using Facebook Ads, we are able to target anyone in a certain location and demographic, who are interested in your products or services. We can even retarget people who visit your website. Everything is connected. Powerful stuff!

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Quality Leads = More Conversions

Our company of Paid Traffic gurus use the highest ethical techniques and strategies to earn you a honest, quality leads which give you the best chance to convert.

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A Worthwhile Investment

Our experience in Paid Traffic allows us to test and improve every campaign. We always aim to get the best ROI possible. The best thing about paid traffic is you are targeting people who are already interested in your service.

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Personal Service

As a small boutique agency, we pride ourselves on giving that personal touch. We dedicate time for you every week for consultation, and deliver progress reports that detail the leads we have produced for your business.

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Achieve Growth Now

Invest in your business' future with a combined strategy of SEO and Facebook Ads. Get instant leads with Facebook, and plan for the long term with organic SEO rankings.

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We've already helped business's just like yours achieve growth
by getting them quality leads, which led to conversions and sales. Take a look at some examples below:

Perfect Service

Our restaurant has been open for over 30 years. We used to use newspapers for advertising, but found this was becoming less effective. Chip Digital created a website, a Facebook Page and designed store promotions to drive new customers to our restaurant. We're really happy with the results.

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You probably have a few questions about paid traffic
We've answered the most common ones below:

How are your management fees structured?

We want to make sure we have pricing that's fair for everyone, that's why we do a flat monthly fee for our time and expertise. We have a standard pricing structure depending on the level of investment. We will give you an accurate quote during your consultation.

What if you waste my my money?

Some prospective clients worry that they won't see any results. We are dedicated to building long term relationships, and the only way we can possibly do that is by delivering you profitable results.

What is included with your management fee?

We will start by consulting you on the best strategy, whether Facebook Ads, Facebook Retargeting, SEO or a mixture. Then after set up, we will launch the campaign. Followed by testing, continuous improvements and conversion rate optimisation.

Are we able to see actual ad spend on Facebook?

Absolutely! This is actually a Facebook requirement nowadays. All ad spend comes straight from your payment method. We also provide monthly reports where you'll see what a great job we're doing. We hope that results in us building a fruitful partnership.

What will be your strategy to meet our business goals?

We will certainly help you maximise your ROI by choosing the best course of action. How in depth we get when creating a Facebook Ads and SEO strategy, all depends on the scale of your campaign and your marketing budget.

Can you tell me about your strategies/best practices?

Every campaign needs special attention but we do have our own internal process for sponsored ad management. This starts with a research stage, followed by proposal and then execution. We are always looking for ways to improve and tweak your account.

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