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Newington Fish Bar Digital Marketing Project


The Newington Fish Bar in Ramsgate, Kent, is a family run business, run by brothers Ken and Nigel Derrett. It has been serving award winning Fish and Chips for almost 40 years. But like so many local businesses, they have struggled to keep up with technology trends, due to there lack of technical understanding. This has resulted in them falling behind and not attracting the new customers that the shop deserves.

After witnessing other shops in the area gain success through digital media, but not being particularly any better in store, was starting to be concerning. The brothers reached out to us at Chip Digital, to formulate a plan to get them online and reaching the people that mattered to them most. The campaign was an overwhelming success and they are one of our on going clients.


Ken and Nigel knew they needed to get online but they had no technical skills or any idea on how to approach digital marketing. Plus they didn't know what a good website, or social media marketing plan looked like, which made trusting digital agency proposals challenging.

The primary goal was to reach new customers within the area, and to drive traffic to the take away and restaurant. While at the same time reconnecting with existing customers, and having a dialogue with them over Facebook.


By partnering with Chip Digital, their first concern was solved because we operate a personal service. We were able to educate them, put their minds at ease and talk them through the process of setting everything up. Effectively taking the burden out of their hands.

The proposal included setting up a website, which isn't one of our usual services but we accepted this request as we felt it was important for the branding. Plus after our research phase, we noticed a lot of restaurants in the local area had websites.

For special, we put our focus into Facebook, as this was the most effective channel for their business. We set up a fan page, and ran a 10% off in store promotion, in exchange for "likes" and "check ins", so the customer's friends lists could see the promotion. We also ran a Facebook Ads campaign to drive new, targeted traffic to the store for a "Free Chips" discount.


The Facebook page started to gain traction first, as the customers were engaging in the 10% off in store promotion. They were checking in and liking the page, and in many cases, their friends saw this and jumped on board. The page grew to 350 organic local likes quickly. Although this number isn't huge, it represents highly targeted, relevant local fans who enjoy visiting the shop. Many have been visiting for decades.

Through the Facebook page, Ken and Nigel have been able to keep their loyal fans apprised of special store promotions and new product announcements, as well as sharing their blog posts from their website which have been all well received.

The website and Facebook page caught the attention of the local newspaper, who featured the shop and blog posts on their site. This was a direct result of our efforts.

The Facebook Ads campaign drove a lot of targeted traffic to the store. We spent £100 on ad spend, and ran the promotion over a weekend. The CTR on the ad itself was an impressive 3.25%, and and even better conversion rate, as 9.2% took up the free chips offer. The increase in visitors was astounding, when over 100 people came in to claim their free chips. This led to them spending more due to up-sells. The average value per visitor was over £5, which represented around 500% ROI.

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Newington Fish Bar

We've always used newspapers for advertising, but found this wasn't working anymore. Chris got us started with a website, a Facebook Page and then ran creative ads. Since then we've noticed new customers travelling from afar to visit us. We're really happy.

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